Friday Vintage Etsy Finds Dec 17

Each Friday, I feature vintage finds from here on my blog.

Christmas is only a week away, everyone! Have you seen any elves yet?? I've found lots of adorable vintage items for the elf in your life this week!


Do you already have all of  your holiday gifts?? If so, you're more prepared than me!!

Have you found any fun vintage items on etsy this week?


  1. That elf has the cutest expression on his face!

  2. i love your blog! it seriously brings out a hefty dose of nostalgia in me.
    -brittney (come on by! i'd looooove it!)

  3. Thanks for following my blog- i get excited when I realize I have a new follower. Am your newest follower.
    I love sewing (in theory) but the number of unfinished projects in my pile tell me am not as good as i think i am.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks again for featuring my silly very nice of you!