Modern Vintage Inspiration: Rachel Berry 2

You already know I love the show Glee, see here and here, and Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, wears some great vintage and vintage inspired pieces.

On the latest episode, "Blame it on the Alcohol", you know you remember the seafoam green prom gown circa 1979 that Rachel wore when she sang her duet of "Don't You Want Me" with Blaine. While this might not be something I would wear everyday, I can definitely see how it's a tongue in cheek look at Rachel and her idea of being the hostess of a swanky party.

 this pic from Glee Wikia is the best I could find, watch the full episode here on

I know I've seen this dress before in my family's old prom photos, so I set out to find some vintage styles just like it. You never know, you might want to host your own Rachel Berry-esque soiree!

This dress is shockingly similar to Rachel's only in a soft yellow color.

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DIY: Quinn's Pixie Hat

A few episodes back on Glee, Quinn wore the cutest little knitted pixie hat for about 2 minutes on the show. But of course, I can't resist a knitted hat, and I started scouring the internet for a pattern.

(Pic from Ravelry Forums)

See more about the episode "Comeback" here on

I wasn't the only one who spotted this adorable hat, and an entire thread opened in the Ravelry (knitting website) forums. I used a combination of two different patterns posted on Ravelry, including  this pattern from Gourmet Knits, and this pattern from Marieke at Knitty Gritty.

I started out using the Gourmet Knits pattern, but the decreases didn't work out for me, so then I unraveled the hat to the decreases and used the decreases from the Knitty Gritty pattern. I think the hat turned out pretty close to Quinn's. I looked for a rosy colored yarn, but purple (Loops & Threads Charisma) was the closest I found.

Have you found any great patterns or tutorials online that you would like to share??

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Vintage Blog Link Up!!

 Vintage Blog Link Party

Lately, a lot of Vintage bloggers and Style bloggers have been commenting here that they would like follow each other's blogs, and it got me thinking. There are so many blog link ups and link parties out there, but there isn't one for us Vintage bloggers!

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Shop Update: Sale!

Hi, everyone! Lots of items are on sale in my shop for a limited time!

These are just a handful of the pieces that have been marked down. The items are listed at the sale price, no need for a coupon code! Check out the SALE section of my shop for these and more great items on sale!

Friday Vintage Etsy Finds: A Western Romance

Each Friday, I feature vintage finds from here on my blog.
This week I was inspired by a romantic sort of Western look. Dresses in comfy chambray and cotton, soft blues and whites with lots of ruffles.


Have you seen any great vintage finds on Etsy this week?

DIY: Boot Toppers/Legwarmers

I've been in love with the chunky socks peeking out of boots trend all winter. I was going to knit my own little boot toppers, but then I thought that sounded like a lot of work, when most of it would be hidden inside my boots. So I decided to cut off the sleeves of a sweater instead! How's that for easy?

I doubt I'm the first person to come up with this, but I'm sure everyone does theirs differently. Here's how I made them:

I took this great thrifted sweater, chosen because I liked the sleeve cuffs. I chose thick ribbed cuffs so that I could fold them over.

I cut off the sleeve at the shoulder seam, so I would be able to decide later how long to make them.

Next, I tried on one of the sleeves and marked with a pin where I wanted to cut. I cut mine at about the ankle, but you could make these as long or as short as you want.

Then I took off the sleeve and cut straight across where I had made the mark. I matched the other sleeve up and cut in the same place.

You could really stop here, since the cut edge is hidden inside your boots. I decided to do a quick zigzag stitch at the bottom though, just to make sure it doesn't unravel.

TaDa! The finished boot topper! I have more sweaters and I'm planning on making lots of these! The finished look is adorable!

Have you made anything yourself lately?? Any patterns or tutorials you would like to share?

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Friday Vintage Etsy Finds: Film Noir

Each Friday, I feature vintage finds from here on my blog.

I've really been inspired by film noir movies this week! Great minds think a like, because Lady Cherry also featured a great film noir movie on her blog a few days ago!

So here's everything you need to be in a classic 1940's film noir movie, whether you decide to be the detective, the secretary, or the damsel in distress!

Have you found any great vintage treasures this week??

DIY: Striped Baby Booties

When one of my best friends is expecting a baby girl, of course I have to knit her something!! These baby booties turned out to be adorable, even if they are a little too big for her to wear for awhile :) Knitting them was super easy and only used a small amount of leftover yarn. I'm not a fan of seaming my knits together, and this one was a battle!! I only added to the stress by waiting to sew them together the night before the baby shower! I think my friend and her hubby liked them though, and that's all that matters!

The pattern I used can be found at Handmade by Calista. As for yarn, my mom and I found colors we liked out of her awesomely massive stash, so I can't remember the brand, but it was worsted weight.

This project was featured on One Pretty Thing! Check it out here!


Have you made anything yourself lately?? Any patterns or tutorials you would like to share?

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Modern Vintage Inspiration: Rachel Berry

I've noticed that Lea Michele's character on Glee, Rachel Berry, often wears a modern vintage style with her own signature look tied in. This week, Rachel was wearing a look I've had my eye on for some time now, a short sleeve, 40s inspired floral dress. She wore the dress during the duet "I Need You Now."

Pics can be viewed here:

I've found both modern and vintage dresses that remind me of this flirty, floral dress!

What do you think of this trend?  Do you know of anyone else who has a vintage inspired style?