Vintage Blog Link Up!!

 Vintage Blog Link Party

Lately, a lot of Vintage bloggers and Style bloggers have been commenting here that they would like follow each other's blogs, and it got me thinking. There are so many blog link ups and link parties out there, but there isn't one for us Vintage bloggers!

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So I'm adding a linky to this post, where you can add your Vintage Blog or your Style Blog if you frequently feature vintage. Hopefully, we'll all be able to find a lot of new blogs to visit and follow.

Just add your link to the list, and leave a comment telling us what your blog is all about! There are no strict rules on who can add their link, just have a vintage blog, or at least occasionally featuring vintage clothing, items, or lifestyle on your blog.

I'll leave the linky open all week, and next Wednesday, I'll pick one blog from the list to feature here at In the Hammock Vintage. Then we can start a new link up next week!

Please try to visit a few of the other blogs on the list and if someone stops by your blog from the link up and follows you, try to visit them as well. Let's keep this fun and easy!

Tweeting or blogging about the link up would be a great way to get the word out there!

Don't forget to follow my blog so you can see if your blog is the featured blog next week!

Thanks, everyone for participating, and I hope we are able to make some new blog friends!


  1. fantastic it!! thanks for hosting :)

  2. this is great because i am often sifting through straight up fashion blogs when what im really looking for is vintage blogs! mine is full of inspirations, favorite things, and my own collections & vintage obsessions. ESPECIALLY loving victorian - 1940s !!

  3. Great idea Carrie, I try to include as many link-backs to my vintage pals as I can, but it is always great to discover more x

  4. Brilliant idea my lovely. I'm looking forward to discovering some new vintage bloggers. My blog is about vintage clothes/lifestyle and things I have/find/want for me and my home and lots of musing and thoughts!

    Nearly everything I but is vintage or second hand and I just wouldn't have it any other way. :O)


  5. Great idea! I blog about vintage clothes, sewing, diy, movies, thrifting... :)

  6. thanks, my blog is about a little of everything, but since I live in an antique house full of old stuff that I sell and live with, it's mostly vintage! I love looking at the vintage clothing blogs, something I want to get into more.

  7. I cover a variety subjects on my blog. I think you have a good idea starting this blog. Glad you stopped me and let me know about it.

  8. amazing idea! I've added myself to the list, I love being inspired by vintage styles and wearing vintage too!

  9. Hi Carrie, thanks for popping over to my blog. I'm looking forward to sitting down over the weekend and having a look through the blogs listed so far x

  10. How awesome!! :) I added my link!

    I blog about thrifting, selling vintage on etsy, antique shows/shops I go to, Fashion, and other personal ramblings and fun stuff! :)

    Thanks for setting this up! :)

  11. Love your great idea. I am new to blogging really. I mostly blog about vintage china and photograph vintage finds at car boots.
    Thanks x

  12. Hey, that's a great idea! I started a blog a couple of months ago and I'd love to meet some other vintage bloggers, especially those who make jewellery, as I haven't come across many of them so far. I make a vintage-style jewellery, take a peek at my blog :)

  13. Great Idea, thanks so much :)
    I'm trying to blog more !
    Hope people will come by and see what I have so far, please leave a comment too
    Thanks again

  14. I added your button. Love the list idea. Is it too late to be added? My blog is I have a lot of "clothes with history" for my daily outfits. I love thrift stores and Goodwill. I'm glad I found you and became a follower.

  15. Hello-

    I just bought a nice shirt from you, and now I have linked from my blog to yours. :) I am late for this party, but I hope you don't mind. You are my first link. If you would like to check it out, here's the address:
    thanks for hosting this party!