Modern Vintage Inspiration: Rachel Berry 2

You already know I love the show Glee, see here and here, and Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, wears some great vintage and vintage inspired pieces.

On the latest episode, "Blame it on the Alcohol", you know you remember the seafoam green prom gown circa 1979 that Rachel wore when she sang her duet of "Don't You Want Me" with Blaine. While this might not be something I would wear everyday, I can definitely see how it's a tongue in cheek look at Rachel and her idea of being the hostess of a swanky party.

 this pic from Glee Wikia is the best I could find, watch the full episode here on

I know I've seen this dress before in my family's old prom photos, so I set out to find some vintage styles just like it. You never know, you might want to host your own Rachel Berry-esque soiree!

This dress is shockingly similar to Rachel's only in a soft yellow color.

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  1. love the Georgia Peach Maxi Dress - and maybe I should get myself a Navy Dotted like the last one - now when I just colored my hair reed.

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  2. How fun and gorgeous are these!!!

  3. my husband and i went to an 80's theme prom last year. i wore my metallic aqua dress from (cough, cough....) 1987. I hope that NEVER makes it back in style! ha!! it's on my blog somewhere if you want to look, i mean IF you dare to look!!!

  4. there is something so pretty about those dresses!

  5. Those yellow and peach dresses remind me of something I wore as a bridesmaid a few decades ago! Maybe I should have held on to them!

  6. haha! That kiwi green confection of a gown was definitely an attention getter on last week's GLee. When she opened up the door to greet her party guests in it I thought, woah, Rachel Berry. You are something else!

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  8. I have to admit those dresses would be so fun to wear!

  9. My first wedding dress looked like this. Of course it wasn't vintage then, it was the thing to do if you wanted to be informal.

  10. I own the first yellow one, exactly (should I be embarrassed??). I bought it from a vintage bridal shop around 10 years ago to wear to the party we had after my husband and I eloped. I totally laughed when I saw Rachel in the green version.

  11. Melody, don't be embarrassed! The dress is awesome, I love it!