Make it Vintage! (3)

Make it Vintage is my new weekly event where I take a modern outfit and 'make it vintage' by piecing together vintage items inspired by the look, attitude, and color scheme of the original look!

This week's look is inspired by J. Crew's Looks We Love

The individual items in this outfit can be found on J. Crew's site here. The items total $1,287.99!! The sequin dress alone is $1,100!!

Now let's Make it Vintage!!

80s Sequin Mini Dress from bombshellbettiesvint $54

 60s Safari Jacket from greatestfriend $78

70s Hand Tooled Leather Belt from MrsPiggleWiggle $16 

Vintage Brown Leather Sandals from generationthrift $24 

The total for the vintage outfit: $172!!

Which outfit do you prefer, vintage or modern?


  1. The vintage look is spot on with the modern! I actually prefer the vintage dress and blazer over modern.

  2. Love the safari jacket...that is so me!!

  3. awesome! thanks so much for including my jacket in such a sassy ensemble! i love it! I still can't understand why people spend what they do on new clothing! vintage fabrics and construction will not only outlast anything from J Crew, but they are also so special and unique!

  4. I totally pine for a sequinned skirt/dress of wonderment! x

  5. I absolutely prefer the vintage look! You did such a terrific job with this.

  6. I really like that safari jacket. Those sandals remind me that I must get some glue to put the sole back on to some vintage ones I have, as they are leather I hope once I glue it back on they will be fine again (Fortunately I only had a 5 minute walk with it half falling off!) x

  7. I could never spend that much on a new dress when there are vintage and thrifted look-alikes out there that are just as good! Love the outfit you put together!

  8. Awesome! Vintage is so much better (and cheaper)! I like your idea for this post. I want to do it now...just for fun!