Find of the Week (2)

During all of my thrifting, antiquing, vintage-ing, etc, there's always something that stands out! 

This week, I found this ah-dor-a-ble vintage baby girl dress.

I love that it's so classic and yet definitely unique from everything that is sold for baby girls nowadays. Oh my gosh-it's not pink!!! 

I thought about giving it a friend of mine, it would fit her daughter, but then not everyone appreciates vintage, so maybe I'll put it in my shop. Either way, when I saw it, I knew I couldn't pass it up!

What about you, do you give vintage as gifts? I do, but only to those that I'm 100% sure will really appreciate it!

What was your best thrift or vintage find this week??

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  1. Love it!!!!

    And yes, if it's the right person and you know they'll appreciate it then I do...but it's not for everyone...kinda gotta know your gift receiver! ;-)

    I love getting vintage...I think it's way more unique than getting something new...though at times new is great too. :-)

  2. That dress is so precious but you are right about gifting vintage... not everyone loves it. I think a lot of people are coming around though.

    Thanks for swinging by my space...

  3. Yes, I agree, it can be tricky to gift vintage! Some people just consider vintage to be used, and prefer new instead. I love things with a history! So I generally only give to those who really appreciate vintage.

    Great dress, and thanks for visiting me and my Christmas ornaments. I was so happy to find them!

  4. aww that is so very very cute! I love the colour, still so bright x

  5. What a sweet little dress! How can you tell how old they are? I suppose if you do this regularly you would know your brands and time eras.

  6. My friends know how attached I become to my vintage finds and so when I decide to pass them on to someone in our circle of friends they are very appreciative of it. On the other hand, I have never gifted vintage to co-workers :/ I imagined getting kicked, sad but true. Personally, I think we still have a long way introducing vintage to those unfamiliar with it.

    Oh yeah, and cute dress! Vintage children clothes is not easy to come across.

  7. It is SO cute! I'm always excited when I find something that isn't PINK! I'm lucky to have a friend right now who LOVES vintage that is having a little one next month. So I've been having a hard time putting anything in my shop and not giving it to her!

  8. utterly adorable!!! i want in my size!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I LOVE that little dress! It is just so sweet. Great find!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  10. thats sooo cute :)


  11. If I gift vintage, it's usually redone so nobody knows. :) For example, I make quilts from vintage sheets. Even people who refuse to sleep on hotel sheets have loved them. Go figure!

    Now, the part that I find difficult is actually convincing people to buy vintage (or just plain used) FOR me as a gift. I'm slowly winning them over, though.

  12. YAYAYAY!!! I am your 200th follower!!! oh happy day!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. Thanks so much for coming by with this darling little dress.


  14. Such a cute find. You're right... don't see any like that today, everything is pink!

  15. so cute! i actually secretly collect vintage baby clothing...and i don't have any kids. i can't help it!

    i do give vintage gifts, but only to people who i know will appreciate it (i.e. my sister, and several friends).

  16. Love that dress. So cute! If I was having a Granddaughter instead of Grandson I would buy it. I give vintage but only when I know it will be appreciated. Thanks for joining JFF this week. hugs, Linda

  17. How sweet is that! I love little dresses for display too--so charming. Have a great weekend.

  18. That dress is absolutely adorable! Yes, I do give vintage and have done so for years but, like you, only to those I know will fully appreciate it.

    ~ Tracy

  19. i agree it's perfectly adorable..but like you i'm very selective whom i gift vintage goodies to!

  20. oh yes, giving. most people find it wonderful too (since they know i'm a thrifter). i just found your blog, and am mesmerized by your header. loving it, great!

  21. I want a version of the fish dress in my size! Nothing wrong with vintage gifts, people dont get much choice with me-vintage or edible all the way!

  22. I was thinking just yesterday about girls in pink, there were so many of them at the seaside yesterday. So unimaginative. x

  23. Too utterly cute, I always wanted a little girl to dress up.

  24. Such a cute dress! I found this lovely little crochet clutch! I love vintage finds.

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  25. Very cute. Love the sweet & simple design--
    thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  26. ar thats so adorable.

    Helen, X